Data centers need access to low cost, renewable power, international fiber lines, stable and cold climates, and stable political environments.  All of this can be found in southern Norway, where Lista is located.

The data center industry is growing rapidly.  A 2015 IDC report indicates that the need for data center capacity will grow by 750% over the next five years.  Not only how we build the future data centers of the world, but where we build them, is becoming an important consideration. Predictable optimized operational conditions are key. Location matters.

Norway can offer:

  • 97.8% renewable power from hydro, wind and solar power
  • Some of the cheapest power prices in Europe.

Data centers built in Lista will also gain the following benefits:

  • Norway’s largest hydro power producer in the region, with access to excess power
  • A large scale windmill park in the region
  • Heavy power consuming process industry represented by several international companies
  • A well developed power net, with redundant lines and world class, stable supply
  • International fiber lines
  • Access to qualified personnel in the region
  • A strong local commitment, with 300 acres regulated for the industry

Lista Renewable Energy Park will provide a green solution as well as an economically viable solution.

Lista Renewable Energy Park supports a green footprint by reusing the heat produced by the data centers for land based fish farms and greenhouses.

Lista Renewable Energy Park offers scalability and flexibility for the needs of its customers and is eager to become the home of Norway’s future data centers.